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Primate Pool Tools Product Video

We offer a wide variety of video content here at Petrucci Marketing! Utilizing professional cameras and advanced camera equipment, we produced a compelling product video for Primate Pool Tools, featuring their renowned carbon fiber pool pole. This ultra-lightweight pole boasts exceptional performance, and our expertly crafted video, designed specifically for Amazon A+ Content, ensures it stands out in a competitive market.

Whether you are a current client, a new acquaintance, or a longtime friend, if you’re looking for professional videos, we are here to meet your needs!

Elevate With Professional Video

Brick Hotel Concepts

This video leverages a viral sound to advertise the myriad “concepts” in and around Oceanside’s Brick Hotel. It can really improve engagement to use familiar audio carefully edited to the beat.

J-Life Shikifuton

Influencer-led content is a massive part of the market across social platforms, but you don’t necessarily need to hire the biggest names on social media. Utilizing familiar styles can be just as important. Here is a video promoting the J-Life Shikifuton utilizing a member of our team who was already on that #vanlife.

South Coast Botanic Garden SOAR Tropical Butterflies

The South Coast Botanic Garden has a team of wonderful and talented employees that are featured across their videos. Leveraging in-house talent is a strong way to build community and drive engagement. This is an example of exactly that kind of video used to promote the SOAR Tropical Butterflies event.

South Coast Botanic Garden BLOOM! Animation

There are many different approaches to creating an effective ad. For example, animation! When you aren’t relying on real life to carry the content, a lot more work has to be put into the details, for instance sound design. This is a light, 2D animation we created to promote South Coast Botanic Garden’s Bloom! event.

Primate Pool Tools Made In The USA

Within the first day of the ad running, our client, Primate Pool Tools sent us a text: “Just sold 10 custom poles, he saw our Made in America video ad!” That’s a 5,851% return on ad spend. The ad continued to have a link CTR of 5.81% and CPC of $0.12 across several audiences.

Primate Pool Tools
“Pole” up

Promoting a product using technical information is all well and good, but to kill it on social media, sometimes you need to put things to the test! Here’s a fun video showcasing the power of the carbon fiber pole for Primate Pool Tools.

The Flower Fields Perfect Photo

Tutorial content!! We can’t stress enough how powerful the reach of good tutorial content can be. This video breaks down how to take a great photo at the Carlsbad Flower Fields and utilizes one of our favorite models too.

Sombrero Chimichanga Style Burrito

On Instagram, this video got 121k views, 2.7k likes, 162 comments, 1.3k shares, and 137 saves. You never know how well a video is going to do! We do videos like this for Sombrero all the time and this one popped off. We love to see it, and I’m sure you would too!

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