Gloster Furniture is an going project through our partner SOS Marketing

Company Overview
Gloster Furniture designs and builds the world’s finest outdoor furnishings for both residential and commercial use.The same passion, conviction and pride that launched the Gloster brand over 50 years ago, continues to fuel their business today.

The Challenge
How to create and maintain unique social profiles for multiple studio locations and platforms without redundancy.

Building upon their global recognition, Gloster came to SOS Marketing with a need to create brand awareness on a local level within each of their US markets. Local designers in West Hollywood, Manhattan, Chicago, and Miami, desired the ability to follow and engage with their local studio.


  • Our team setup systems, processes, and unique feeds that do not duplicate content so each account is customized to its respective market.
  • We appeal to local designers by effectively engaging with consumers in their community and following and re-gramming area specific designers
  • We use social media to interweave location specific photos, in a way that preserves Gloster’s brand, while giving the community a feeling of being heard, catered to, and thought-of.

Example Instagram grids for New York City:

Example Instagram grids for Los Angeles:

Example Instagram grids for Florida:

Example Instagram grids for Chicago:

We leverage Pinterest to curate boards that “transport” you to each region.

Example Pinterest for FL and NYC:

Example Pinterest for Chicago and LA:

  • We use Facebook for promoting local events, trends, and studio happenings.
  • We promote the events to designers in each region and collect RSVPs that can be used later to retarget and follow up with.
  • We design visual art in the form of Cinemagraphs to give the illusion that the viewer is watching an animation.


Since April of 2016 when we started with just Los Angeles, we have now:

  • Expanded to NY, CHI, and most recently Florida, creating content for and monitoring 13 unique feeds for the brand, including a corporate Twitter page.
  • We’ve curated fresh, timely, and most importantly, engaging content that nurtures the Gloster audience and elevates the brand