DYI: Mother’s Day

Company Overview
DYI is a Houston-based lifestyle and activewear brand for women. Female owned and operated, Define Your Inspiration (DYI) is all about making women look good and feel good. Their mindset, philosophy, and movement is to help women achieve the best versions of themselves through health and wellness.

The Challenge
At the beginning of April we were approached by client DYI with information about their upcoming Mother’s Day Sale which would kick off on May 1st. We all agreed this would be a great opportunity to utilize influencers who could create dynamic content and spread the word about their sale to new audiences.

With the small window of time for DYI Influencer outreach, shipping, and collection of content to create marketing assets, we knew that getting aggressive on this project was a must. Things that we needed to consider were:

  • Finding the right influencers for this unique collaboration.
  • Conducting outreach and communications/negotiations with influencers.
  • Getting the product shipped to the influencers.
  • Receiving quality content from the influencers on a short deadline.
  • Turning the content around to create cohesive, engaging, impactful marketing across all platforms.

The first step was to discover and research quality influencers who were mamas or expecting mothers who posted about their active lifestyle. After curating a list of these potential influencers, we presented it to DYI to approve which people they’d like to collaborate with. From there it was off to the races! We began reaching out to these women with a proposal for collaboration, notating our deadline to have assets in hand before the Mother’s Day Sale kicked off on May 1st. Custom Brand Representative Agreements were created and sent by us.

Our team kept close contact with influencers as we collected content and engaged with their social audiences while they posted on their platforms. From email communications, to Instagram DMs, we made sure to work closely and diligently to make sure that images going out from their platforms, while in their own personal voice and style, remained on brand for DYI and also included all necessary language such as the Mother’s Day Sale discount code and campaign hashtag #WhatMovesMom.

When influencer content was received our client would approve it for distribution on their social channels. Images and testimonials were utilized across all marketing platforms to create dynamic and engaging ads and posts.


  • 9 influencers participated – all active mammas and expecting mammas!
  • 17 static posts
  • 44 stories

Moms rock! DYI’s first-ever Instagram Mother’s Day campaign was well received and executed by our influencer partners. Some of them were new to DYI, like Florida mom/influencer Alaena who said, “Seriously love your apparel! Can’t wait to try more. I think I need these leggings in every color now! Not too hot or binding for yoga.

Not only did the influencers provide great content for DYI’s marketing efforts, they provided us with valuable custom insight around stretch, breathability, size requests. All these women made this a project that accomplished marketing and a focus group wrapped into one!

Implementation + Creative Ideas

As mentioned in our solution, the Petrucci Marketing team provided end-to-end outreach and implementation and execution of the #WhatMovesMom influencer campaign for client DYI. While our systems and processes are proprietary we want to share with you some key parts of this project that were a part of making it successful:

  • Mining for the RIGHT influencer with an engaged audience.
  • Ensuring that influencers and their content are approved by the client prior to outreach.
  • Establishing close communications and necessary agreements for influencers to ensure that the client is receiving marketing assets and feedback in exchange for free product.
  • Setting up a tracking and communications document.
  • Provide the influencers with all marketing language and expectations so they are aware of the brand voice, and story.
  • Constantly engage with influencers and their audience, and curate anything worth sharing with the client.
  • Utilize images and testimonials across all marketing platforms in an on-brand and engaging way.
  • Thank your influencers for their participation, note the influencers you’d be interested in working with in the future (and the ones you wouldn’t work with again).
  • Report back to the client with all metrics, data, and valuable

The content generated from this campaign was utilized across all of DYI’s marketing platforms. From their site banners, Facebook Ads, and Instagram to email marketing campaigns! Not only was the imagery usable, but the testimonials from the mom influencers themselves! Knowing that promoting these customer reviews would be a great way to build trust with the DYI audience, we were sure to showcase their quotes in Instagram stories, post captions, and in emails.

Still want to know why this is important? There’s research to back it up! According to Speigel Research Center (2017) nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase and according to Testimonial Engine 72% of customers don’t take action until they have read reviews. With this information in mind, and personal experience as online shoppers to boot, we jumped on the opportunity to turn these influencer testimonials in to impactful marketing messaging!

Instagram Aesthetic during Mother’s Day Influencer Collaboration Initiative:

Instagram Stories Included Original Videos/Images and Shared Stories from Influencers:

Facebook + Instagram Ads

Ad Campaign Results:

  • Website clicks: 368
  • Adds to cart: 328
  • Purchases: 66
  • Purchase conversion value: $5,894.86
  • Return on Ad Spend: 6.56 (656%)
  • Total spent: $898.51

Mother’s Day Sale Email Campaign that utilized both testimonials and UGC


How we can track the nitty gritty results and ROI for Influencer Campaigns:

It’s always important to us to show our clients value, not just in quality and brand awareness but also monetarily! With our processes and the help of tools we utilize in-house, our team can provide analytics including EMV (Estimated Media Value), and when custom campaign discount codes are used we’re able to associate new customer leads and track online sales!

Here’s an example from a different influencer campaign for this same client:

  • $3.1k EMV (Estimated Media Value is what you’d expect to pay for similar exposure in another traditional media outlet)
  • Code CAMO15 led to 10 new customers and$1,308.08 in online sales
    • If you know the LTV (lifetime value) of your customers, can you see the long term value of these sales
  • 19k Engagements
  • 34 Posts
  • 475k Estimated Impressions
  • 380k Estimated Unique Reach
  • 18k Total Instagram Likes
  • 35k Total Instagram Views
  • 98% of Engaged Users are real
  • 13 Instagram Stories
  • 1 YouTube video
  • 12 influencers participated

Have you thought about implementing an influencer campaign for your product or service but don’t know where to start, or don’t have bandwidth in your organization to get it done right? Contact us and let’s see if our team is a fit for you!

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