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The San Diego Botanic Garden (SDBG) is a world-renowned garden with four miles of trails that wind through its 29 uniquely themed gardens, among them a tropical rainforest, a bamboo garden, and regional desert landscapes. Together with two acclaimed children’s gardens and the Dickinson Family Education Conservatory, it’s a hub for horticulture, conservation, education, and events. The Garden continues to play a vital role in the growth and development of San Diego for years to come.


SDBG was in a very unique predicament in October of 2020. As home to many rare plants, they had a pair of Amorphophallus titanum, commonly known as the corpse flower, ready to bloom. Due to the rarity of having two blooming, SDBG needed to seize the moment and capitalize on viral-bility of the moment of the flowers to draw in attendees and further grow the social presence of the garden.

As these plants only bloom for 48 hours before dying, we were on a tight timeline to make a plan and create content for the corpse flowers.


While going “viral” can’t always be guaranteed, you can push the dial in the right direction to make it possible! Up until this point, SDBG hadn’t done much with Reels yet. Knowing that Instagram was rewarding accounts for using Reels and helping push those posts to more people, it was only right to create a Reels around the corpse flower.

In addition, we offered to do an additional day of video for the Garden to post during the first bloom. As they are a highly reputable garden, the need to have a more traditional video on the corpse flower and clips to share with media was necessary. With this information in mind, we planned two shoots with SDBG to gather all the necessary content to create the videos they needed ASAP. Did someone say VIRAL?! Within in hours of posting the corpse flower Reels, the San Diego Botanic Garden’s Instagram account started to see huge upticks in engagement along with a consistent flow of new followers.


  • Drastic increase in overall account followers

  • 4.4M views, 337k likes, and 564 comments (Highest reached and engaged content to date)

  • Increased engagement across both new and older content

  • 1 short-from video and 1 long-form video


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