Lifetime ROAS
Leads Generated
(At only $1.77 per lead)
Video Ads Created


Our most recent work with Primate Pool Tools was the creation of a high-quality evergreen product video for their beloved pool poles supplying both a traditional horizontal and modern vertical version.


Following the introduction of this video into the ad account, we saw a 51.4% increase in ROAS going from 17.5 the prior month to 26.5 the month of its addition!


“Tracy Petrucci and her team at Petrucci Marketing have been nothing short of amazing and have consistently given us consistent returns on our investment with them. From the very beginning of our relationship they went above and beyond in getting to know us as business owners, understanding our products and who they serve, and ultimately creating the most effective ads to bring in more business and reach new customers. I can say with confidence that their attention to detail in creating and running ads, and their experience in planning video shoots and creating quality content for us has made all the difference for us. Highly recommend, they have high integrity for their work and have given us so much more confidence in our future marketing efforts. If I could give them more than 5 stars, I would!”

Joe DiAnna Jr | VP at Primate Pool Tools



Primate Pool Tools was founded by Joe DiAnna and his son Joe Jr. Leveraging over 30 years of pool industry experience, they developed the first ever carbon fiber pool pole, tackling the common issues with aluminum pole alternatives. Their products are crafted in the USA, emphasizing quality, performance, and most importantly customer satisfaction. Primate Pool Tools continues to provide pool professionals with superior poles that are designed to withstand the tough working conditions in the pool industry.


Primate Pool Tools approached us with two things: A market-approved product and a fan base of loyal advocates. This was great but growth was slow because something very important was missing. What was missing? Well, an overarching marketing strategy that would see their fan base, and ultimately their business, grow! We developed a plan to engage their current fans while reaching new, untapped audiences.


Content Creation

Step one was content creation! Primate Pool Tools had quality product photos but lacked engaging video ads that would ultimately lead to conversions. We focused our first round of videos on the pole’s main selling points to use as evergreen ads for cold audiences. Subsequent videos were to emphasize the subtle selling points for retargeting warm audiences.

Meta Ads

Using the new, optimized video ads, we implemented a prospecting and remarketing campaign. Our remarketing campaign focused on people who had shown interest in the pole, leading them to the website to buy. Our prospecting campaign would optimize for leads, funneling them to their email marketing platform where we can engage them further.

Email Marketing

Email marketing had fallen by the wayside for the busy guys at Primate Pool Tools. We stepped in to re-open the gold mine that was their existing email list. We started with a Welcome Email Series that would go out to the new leads coming in through the meta ads. Next, we coordinated a monthly email campaign strategy to engage the new and existing leads.


  • 2,348 New leads at an average cost per lead of only $1.77
  • 14.06 return on ad spend in conversion campaigns since beginning ads management 

  • $5k+ in revenue from just 12 emails sent

  • 25 Short-from video ads produced


A great product or service will get you nowhere if people don’t know about it! How do you get people to know about your product or service? With a comprehensive marketing strategy where multiple channels work in tandem, not separately. A strategy that prioritizes both cold and warm audiences, not just one of them. A real strategy, not just winging it, because a great product/service needs great marketing!

Let’s Get Strategic