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Habitat Haven designs, fabricates, and assembles the most durable, reliable, and renter-friendly outdoor catio enclosures on the market. Habitat Haven serves a wide community of pet owners looking for safe, functional, and attractive outdoor enclosure solutions to enhance their pet’s overall well-being.


Habitat Haven had a great product that customers loved but lacked the exposure and community they were hoping for. With a product they knew was great, but no one to strategically show it off to the world, they approached us at the beginning of the year to take over their social media management and get them the exposure they sought after.



The first step was making massive reforms to the Instagram profile to improve the account’s overall credibility and organic search visibility. We refreshed their profile picture, biography, and account name to fit the most up-to-date social media standards. We also created 6 branded story highlights to quickly introduce potential customers to their one-of-a-kind products.


 Habitat Haven had tons of video content captured by themselves or by happy customers who have shared the content with them. One issue, they were not using ANY of it! With this library of unused content, we conceptualized and produced videos that tell the captivating stories and benefits of safe outdoor catio living. From engaging catio construction to highlighting unique catio accessories, we brought light to the untold stories lost within the unused footage.


They say consistency is KEY and that could not be more true in the current social media landscape. Habitat Haven struggled to post regularly. Running a large, growing, and successful business, they had no time to manage their social media. They would be lucky to create a post 2 to 3 times a month. We implemented a consistent monthly strategy to 1) hit key brand pillars they were missing prior,  2) nurture their current audience, and 3) engage new audiences with captivating content.


  • From 1k to 12k followers in less than 5 months

  • 2.9M people reached on Facebook (630% increase)

  • 1.1M people reached on Instagram (3,200% increase) 
  • 2.68M video views on TikTok in the last 60 days
    (1,082% increase)

  • 30+ edited short-form videos

  • 280 new followers per video on average


So what is the secret, how did we do it you might wonder? You will be upset to learn that there is no secret at all, it is simply consistency! All it took was just a few months to see massive growth when creating and posting consistent, quality content.

When running a business, important marketing efforts tend to fall by the wayside. If you have a valuable product that you know people will love but don’t have the time to share it with the world, contact us! Let’s see if our team can help make it happen!

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