Brodino Broth Co.

Company Overview
Brodino Broth Co. is an Orange County-based scratch-made soup company owned and operated by Evan Katz. Tired of the lack of quality options available at grocery stores, Evan set out to create scratch-made soups that will be the closest thing to homemade you’ll find on the market. Compared to the bland boxed & canned options typically found on shelves, Brodino utilizes the freshest organic ingredients while integrating superfoods to create soup (and broth) that is not only delicious, but equally as good for you!

The Challenge
With summer season approaching, Brodino knew it was entering its slow season but was unsure of how to best utilize the time. When Evan broached the topic with us, we suggested investing into more creative assets and starting monthly emails. As we discussed the content creation we had in mind, Evan realized this was a perfect opportunity to have us revamp his website in the process. Knowing that we were creating content for social and web, we got a plan in action to renovate Brodino Broth Co.’s aesthetic.

Knowing that we were working on both social and website, we had to split up our content creation into two major categories: lifestyle and website. Along with the content, user-experience needed to be considered with updating the website using this content. Things that we needed to consider were:

  • Creating lifestyle shots that properly represent the aesthetic and vision of owner
  • Having consistent set shots for all soups
  • Keeping in mind vertical and landscape shots for use across multiple digital channels (advertising,email, social, and website)
  • Mapping out the new website and what can improve user-experience
  • Developing a monthly email strategy that can provide consistent results and highlight the importance of utilizing email marketing

To elevate their digital content, we first captured every soup (10 in total) in a lifestyle setting to give a more inviting feeling to the brand. These ranged from flat lays (using both both standard table flats and integrating people) to up close lifestyle in a multitude of settings. In addition, several videos were created to showcase the product and create more interest in the soup with the campaign focus of “Soup Is Always In Season.”

Prior to this project, Brodino had never used email marketing outside of a basic discount offer email. Knowing that we had new creative in the works made the creative design process easy. The tricky part came with sculpting a plan for messaging. While we wanted to make sure each email brought in sales, Brodino has never leaned in heavily with a sales presence. Thus, we decided on using the emails as a platform for humor and education about the benefits of scratch-made soup and bone broth.

Additionally, we redesigned the website to be more user-friendly and better utilize the new imagery created. Instead of every soup being nested under one overarching soup product, the website is now shoppable by each soup that features a studio flat lay image, ingredient list, and nutritional facts. With the updated products on the website, we were able to properly set up Instagram Shopping as well. The farmers market page was updated to be current and mobile-friendly, along with creating a gallery page too. With the creation of a set flat lay image for the soups, we created a new banner for Brodino to utilize at their farmers market booth.


  • 93+ lifestyle + 20 studio product images created
  • 5 videos produced
  • 7 emails created + 4 successfully sent
  • Renovated website updated with new content
  • New banner for farmers market made with studio product images

SOUP IS ALWAYS IN SEASON! By finally setting time aside to have their soup professionally shot, Brodino Broth Co. was able to finally get the content that they had been looking. No l0nger showcasing soups in jars for their paid ads or social, Brodino had photographs to showcase to current and new customers. Not only was the Brodino happy, the new images directly correlated to increases in sales and customer content recall.

In addition, the implementation of the creative content in email marketing and the website led to direct feedback from customers. These customers relayed that they were happy with seeing a more diverse range of shots while also becoming more engaged with user experience on the website (leading to better adjustments).

Implementation + Creative Ideas


As mentioned in our solution, the Petrucci Marketing team provided end-to-end conceptualization, implementation, and execution of the content creation to further the brands digital presence through social and email marketing. While our systems and processes are proprietary we want to share with you some key parts of this project that were a part of making it successful:

  • Discussing with Brodino Broth Co. who their top clientele is, focusing on location and age range to assist in model selection.
  • Ensuring that each photoshoot covered several key shots to keep consistency through all soup content.
  • Establishing a theme for marketing to ensure content matched.
  • Storyboard video ideas to allow for efficient creation and tweaks as needed.
  • Set image guide for website product photos.
  • Provide updates on website updates to ensure client’s goals are met and UX is meeting demands of current customers.

The content generated from this campaign was utilized across all of Brodino’s marketing platforms. From their site banners, Facebook Ads, and Instagram to email marketing campaigns! Not only was the imagery usable, but the video content allowed for reach never seen before on their social account! Additionally, the content allowed for a fuller brand experience on the website while shopping.

Video Content

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Results:

  • Purchases: 138
  • Avg. Purchases per Email: 35
  • Sales Total: $5,789
  • Average Sales Total: $1447.25
  • Open Rate: 36% avg. 
  • Click to Open Rate: 5.75%
  • Best Email Sales: 48 purchases for $2,257
Brodino Email
Brodino Email

Broth Co. Website Updates

Brodino Sales Page


How can we track the continued benefits of new content:

When it comes to creating content, the final product is always great to see and update across digital landscapes. However, its not easy to clearly track the monetary/overall benefits of creative content. BUT there is a way. With the creative content in place along with the website updates, we checked in regularly with Evan and his team on customer reception to the content. Across the board, they saw interest in the soups they posted through comments/questions on social media to people requesting a soup they saw featured on Instagram or through email. Additionally, the fresh website updates allowed led to customers requesting additional features or improved functionality to make their shopping experience even better which we were happy to oblige. Finally, now that success had been seen through email marketing, this became a new, consistent sales channel for Brodino that ended up totaling over $20K by the end of 2021.

Have you thought about updating the creative content for your product or service but don’t know where to start, or don’t have bandwidth in your organization to get it done right? Unsure of the next revenue stream? Contact us and let’s see if our team is a fit for you!

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